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reading and sample

reading and sample - 5.1 main 232 349 162 44 27 Barack...

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1 ൢᏲ 5.1 main छ಑Ι՝ ༃Ρᖂಛ Ȫጾٹኋ˨ᆣӫѴႫൢᏲȫ ȶ׽ᡐϐ६ᖝछ୽ȊȷӵӒ౨ᜰݧήȂछ୽ҕಀឹЙ҈ ક࡚୽ 232 ԑپޟᆍఊ᛹ᢋȂᒵюѬΰ಑Ι՝༃Ρᖂಛ༹Б଻Ȅ೻՝ӵᒵᏽϛк҈ ȶ׽ᡐȷк໅ޟߨࢸ၂ҕкឩཱིЙ୤ដষȂѮᢊਢ໢࢒о 349 162 ஻ᒵᖞΡಉޟ ᔆইܒഽցȂᔞఁӓڷឩၥ౏୤ដষഫ޻Ȃ࿋ᒵछ୽಑ 44 ӈᖂಛȄ छ୽σᒵՍѮᢊਢ໢Ϭঞ఑ႭਢȂᗙԤѕњᛳ຀ઽڷ஝ឃ٨Ԏӓ 27 ஻ᒵᖞΡಉҐ ጂۡȂծ༹Б଻Ȟ Barack Obama ȟϐᕕႆјಉኵȂᑟۡ࿋ᒵȄ༹Б଻ޟഽᒵϚ༉׽ ቸछ୽ᐣѬȂ़୽ȮЊ໨ൢȯ้ዉࢸ൬ᡝ؁ᇄߡۓ඼ֵิചТ౨ȃࢧݓ൜ᕓই༳ࣺ ඪٮ፣Ȃᇯ࣏࢐ȶΡ᜸ޟΙσ؏ȷȃȶΡ᜸ޟᙽ௺ᘈȷȄ ౪ԑ 47 ྑޟ༹Б଻ӵഽᒵϞۇ౞๿ێτȂٖөȶ಑Π࢈໐ȷ߀ёরਿ៌੫ϴ༪ޟ ᇆѮȂࡇҀഽᒵȄ߀ёরӒѿݴអȂ 24 ࿲ӪϚϷఊ၂ȃጳՓޟ༹Б଻Лࡻޱ෰Σϴ ༪Ȃӓӣَᜌ೻ᐣѬޟΙړȂ౪ൟඡᖐڷ᠍ڳᖐϚᘞȄ ༃ΡশȈԪҡശछۇఏ ༹Б଻ᜮᜬԤΨࡇ֙Ȉȶ೻࢐ձঈޟഽցȊȷтߒҰཱིਢф։஠ڗپȂȶ೻࢐Ιࢲ ࡞ߝޟਢ໢ȂӰ࣏רঈϬЈӵ೻ൟᒵᖞϛܚ࣏ȂӵϬఏ೻এᜰᗤܒਢړȂ׽ᡐϐ६ ᖝछ୽ȊȷЛࡻޱן௑ଽ൅ᝯᒵοဴȶרঈᒲுڗȞ Yes, we can. ȟȷȂ؁Ԥᐭଢ଼઱๛ শ൅ȈȶרঈᒲڗΟȞ We made it. ȟȷȄ ༹Б଻ӵ 4 ԑࠉؠؠฒᆸȂўԑ 2 ТࡇҀ୤ᒵࠉ༉ԤΙ۩ӀցᒛԎᖒ٤୤ដষၥ ᐣȂࠓᏵএΡᏄΨᙈଔȂငᐣᅞߝᖟٚޟᒵᏽȂತܻ׽ቸᐣѬȄ ᐃछ୽ලࢥ׋ၥਟᡗҰȂछ୽ΡοϛȂҩΡլϲԙϲȂߨ၂༉լߖΙԙέȇЮᒑ ࢐ߨࢸ޻ٳ༃ΡȂҔᒑ࢐छ୽ҩΡޟ༹Б଻Ȃത૖ഽᒵȂᡗҰтᕕӨఊတᇯӣȄ༹ Б଻֙ວЛࡻޱȈȶԃݎԤӈդΡϫᛄᅸछ୽ฒጏޟџ૖ܒȃԃݎԤΡϫᅸඋ໠୽ϯ ᏚޟჲདԃϬդӵȂԃݎԤΡϫ፴ᅸҕкޟΨ໔ȂϬఏ൷࢐ձޟ๎ਰȄȷ೻ฬၗᡱ Лࡻޱ᠙ுዥՖݴអȂ༃Ρҕ᠌ሴ೟റպිȞ Jesse Jackson ȟޏৱ้ཐଢ଼ுోࢺᅖ७Ȅ ༃Ρᒵҕᛄ੫শᇳȈȶ೻࢐ԪҡശछԁۇఏȄרཐᗂΰࡔᡱרࣀ๿ࣼڗ೻ΙЈȄȷ ᠍អ੉ݥζཐࢗӒ౨Ө୽Ȃ੫տ࢐༹Б଻Юᒑޟ࢈໐޻ٳȂᖂಛቆٔӡࣥՍࡇҀ ϬЈӒ୽ܹ୅ΙЈȂоኊઢȶ༹Б଻୤ដষоЅרঈ୽ড়ᐣѬܒޟԙ൷ȷȄቆٔӡᇳȈ ȶ೻࢐ཎဎ१σޟΙЈȂϚ༉ᄇछ୽Ȃᄇרঈζ࢐Ȃ༹Б଻୤ដষޟഽց࢐רঈޟ ഽցȂӰ࣏тޟਲ਼ӵ޻ٳȂרঈ഍࣏тޟഽցᠮ༇Ȅȷ
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2 ഫ޻ȈछөࠉᗚΙσ؏ ӵ೻ൟछ୽Ѭΰ࣏෈ശߝȃ༓෡ڷ߆າᄈഺཱིଽޟᒵᏽϛȂ༹Б଻Ϛ༉਌ή߼Ҽ ߼ȃգᛳ٨ႀڷᇽԎ้ᜰᗤԎȂ؁ሆڥෆ࢐ӓڷឩಉঘޟᆰӡѻٳȃऋᛳܜӻȃཱི Ꮞՙর้ԎȄӵලᒵಉኵП७Ȃ༹Б଻ᖂுಉ౥ႀ 52% ȂϚծሴӑᄇЙഫ޻Ȟ John McCain ȟޟ 47% Ȃ؁ԙ࣏ 1976 ԑњ੫ᖂಛȞ Jimmy Carter ȟоپȂॶ՝਌ή຺ႆϤ ԙලᒵಉޟҕкឩᖂಛ࿋ᒵΡȄ ѪП७Ȃဣఁޟഫ޻߳ࡻॳ࡙मႫ༹Б଻ၾຳȂٮӵՂড়ٳց਺٥Ԏีߒఁᒵཐ ِȂڳᢱҕಀᒵࡣღ๖Ȅт੫տ஼፡Ȃȶ೻࢐ΙൟᐣѬܒޟᒵᖞȂרΟ၌Ѻᄇߨࢸ၂
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