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1 S AN F RANCISCO S TATE U NIVERSITY / Media Chinese 媒體㆗文 CHIN 411 / MWF 12:10 – 13:00 @ HUM 301 Syllabus S PRING 2010 Objectives and Course Description Media Chinese is an upper division elective aimed at introducing the advanced student to the language of Chinese media. The focus of the class will be on analysis, comprehension and production of Chinese print and broadcast news. The course will begin with the principles of news writing, covering topics such as story structure, leads, quotes and endings, using examples from Chinese newspapers for illustration. This is followed by a close-up of newspaper sections and story types. The remainder of the semester will be devoted to sampling selections from different news categories and becoming familiar with the language of subvarieties of Chinese news. In addition to newspaper readings, “newsroom simulations” will be held, in which select students will be assigned an area of news (e.g., politics, world, sports) to cover and discuss with peers, and by the end of the semester, the class will produce a recorded half-hour current affairs broadcast news program with participation from each student. In the course of the semester, students are encouraged to use all available resources, conventional and online, to gather material, and are expected to immerse themselves in a Chinese media environment and follow stories of Chinese interest on a daily basis. Upon completion of the course, it is expected that the student will not only have the ability to comprehend a variety of Chinese journalistic productions, but also be familiar with news coverage from a Chinese perspective and have the critical skills necessary to judge the newsworthiness of a story and the quality of news writing. [ Prerequisites : CHIN 312, or consent of instructor] [ NOTE : CHIN 411 Media Chinese is an elective for the Chinese major/minor; if not treated as an elective, the course can also be used as a substitute the core requirements CHIN 311, CHIN 312 or CHIN 401 -- see advisor for details] Instructor Chris Wen-Chao Li 李文肇 M.PHIL., D.PHIL.(Oxford) worked for three years as a radio producer for the Chinese Service of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) World Service in London. He has taught news and creative writing the National Taiwan Normal University in Taipei, and is currently Associate Professor of Chinese Linguistics at S.F.S.U. CONTACT INFORMATION (Email is preferred mode of communication; please do not leave voicemail ) OFFICE HUM 338 OFFICE HOURS Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri 13:10-14:00 TELEPHONE (415) 338-1034 EMAIL <[email protected]> WEBSITE Required text 李文肇 (Chris Wen-Chao Li). 2005. 《新聞華語》 ( Media Chinese: A Primer in Chinese Journalism ). Taipei: Lucky Books.
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