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Works Cited - Schlesinger, Arthur, Jr. “A New Race?.”...

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Woo 1 Works Cited Barbee, Evelyn L. “Racism in U.S. Nursing.” American Anthropology Association (1993): 346 -. Center for Library & Instructional Computing Services, La Jolla, CA. 15 Oct. 2009 <http://ww>. Bourchier, Daniel. “No Rhymes for Racism.” Northern Territory News (Australia). Northern Territory News (Australia), 18 April 2008. < results/docview/ Crash . Dir Paul Haggis. IMDb, 2004. 15 Oct. 2009 <>. Gilson, Nancy. Lecture. University of California San Diego, California. 14 Oct. 2009.
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Unformatted text preview: Schlesinger, Arthur, Jr. “A New Race?.” The Disuniting of America: Reflections on a Multicultural Society 1991: 5-14. Rpt. in Dimensions of Culture 1: Diversity . Ed. Nancy Gilson, Jorge Mariscal, and Michael Monteón. United States of America: University Readers, 2009. Sheet music. Advertisement. Historic American Sheet Music 15 Oct. 2009: 1. Sullivan, Pat. KKK Annual Rally . 1992. Associated Press, New York. 15 Oct. 2009 <http://www.>. Takaki, Ronald. A Different Mirror: A History of Multicultural America . New York: Back Bay Books, 2008. Print. Thompson, Tamika. Tavis Smiley . Public Broadcasting Service, 2009. < /tavissmiley/voices/719.html>. 15 Oct. 2009. Woo 2...
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Works Cited - Schlesinger, Arthur, Jr. “A New Race?.”...

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