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Lecture Notes 5_17_2 - Fighting for lives (Vietnam) v. Time...

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5/17/10 “Power of the youth to change the world” Vietnam soldiers: Tuned into good songs on the radio 18-25 males HAD to register/go if drafted, poor went 1 st , however… o Music becomes a part of the anti-war movement o Godfather of this music: James Brown Psychedeeic music: sex, drugs, pleasure Anti-materialistic Aretha Franklin: “Freedom” Hippies + musical message 1968 o Counter culture began –getting knowledge
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Unformatted text preview: Fighting for lives (Vietnam) v. Time of their Lives (US) o Janis Joplin: redefining womens importance through her music Feminist movement America loses faith in the war Need to restore respect for law James Brown: helped people realize/accept their blackness People felt that the US could fall apart MUSIC= important guiding factor...
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