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Night of the Iguana_Final Paper

Night of the Iguana_Final Paper - Kristie Woo Professor...

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Kristie Woo Professor Todd Salovey TDGE 1: Introduction to Theatre (A02) 9 March 2011 The Night of the Iguana: Learning to Live We all live with things that set us back from becoming who we want to be. Nonetheless, we learn to pick ourselves back up from fear and failure so that we can thrive with a new spirit and confidence—and perhaps companionship. In Tennessee Williams’ The Night of the Iguana , The Reverend T. Lawrence Shannon has hit rock bottom again, and unaware that he is not alone. It is working as a Blake Tours’ guide in Mexico for a large group of female schoolteachers, that Shannon collapses from the pressure of leading his tour, having constant flings with young girls, and fighting the psychological “spook” that haunts his dreams. In desperation, he turns to Maxim Faulk, a longtime friend who runs the Costa Verde hotel in Mexico. Having recently lost her husband, Maxim is surprisingly strong in her discreet way of asking Shannon to come to bed with her. Yet in effect, Maxim is simply of high hopes that Shannon can stay so that they both can care for one another in their times of need. Yet, soon enough, Hannah Welkes and her grandfather Nonno come to the Costa Verde Hotel and the day takes a different turn. After arriving at the Costa Verde Hotel, Shannon spends a couple of hours between catching up with Maxim and bickering with his tour group’s leader, Mrs. Fellowes, about what the group should do. Yet when Hannah and Nonno arrive, Shannon is suddenly curiously interested in the peace and confidence with which Hannah carries herself. Hannah, “a New England spinster pushing forty ” travels globally around with Nonno and uses her skills as a artist and painter, and his prestige as the oldest poet alive and poem recitation to make enough for the both of them to get by. A juxtaposition to Maxim, who comes on to Shannon rather headstrong, Shannon is drawn to the way that Hannah composes herself with gentleness and humility. Of course the way that Shannon is openly accepts Hannah and Nonno could be because of his own broken state. Yet, though Maxim refuses to allow Hannah and Nonno to stay at her hotel simply because she does not like them, Shannon takes them into his arms and succeeds in convincing Maxim to let them stay at least for one night. As the day goes on, Shannon and Hannah begin to share with each other their lives and how
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they have come to the place they are at now. Hannah finds out that Shannon is a “defrocked” minister of the church, because of his twisted theologies and love for young girls. Yet, Hannah does not judge him and willingly hears him out, and finds out that his love for women and his often carnal intentions with them had stemmed from his younger days as a boy when his mother forced him to go to bed early, thus leaving him bored in bed. Shannon himself finds out that Hannah and Nonno have been struggling to get by despite knowing that what they do for money may very well be a dying occupation. Yet, being the strong woman
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Night of the Iguana_Final Paper - Kristie Woo Professor...

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