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TWS 22_Lecture Notes - Sanchez Extra...

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Unformatted text preview: 3/28/11 Sanchez Extra credit: memorize all Latin American countries + their capitols (see blogspot) • Latin America o 580 million; Heterogeneous population • Timeline: o Pre-Christopher Columbus : before arrival of Europeans to Latin America o Conquest & Colonization (16 th-19 th C) o Independence & Nation building 1810- declared independence 1821- won independence 1850s-1865 1898 – gained all 1959 – breaks free from US neo-colony o Modernization/neo-colonialism (20 th ) Globalization (1960’s)/neo-liberalism (late capitalization) • “Latin America” name of region itself is a construction o “America” was the name given to all lands in the New World by Europeans o Spanish America is more accurate (?) o Ex of Latin America today (can be non-Spanish speaking!): 21 in total including Puerto Rico Haiti, Brazil • Pre-Columbian 1492 : since 900 AD there existed.. o Maya: most developed civilization Written language o Inca/Quediua o Meixco-Aztecs o There were peoples there before 900 AD too • Many Indians were killed/mistreated/dispossessed: o Disease, Overwork, Slaved/Genocided o Destruction of communal life There was now such thing as “private property” Land is still an issue today: disrespect o Spain conquered last city in 1492, and wanted “blood purity”, no Moorish or Jewish • Spanish Caste System: 16 th C 1. Spaniards: white 2. Criollos (children of Spaniards born in Latin America): white 3. Mestizos: white + Indian 4. Mulattos: white + black 5. Black slaves 6. Indians • There were 50 different combinations and rankings for each, depending on the mix • Civil Wars • 20 th C: o Quasi-feudal o Mercantilist policy: not free trade by country o US controls economy • Independent Economically & Politically?...
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TWS 22_Lecture Notes - Sanchez Extra...

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