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Woo 1 Kristie Woo Professor Sanchez TWS 22: Latin America 18 April 2011 A Time for Everything The idea that our pasts can shape who we are today is not a foreign idea. In fact, many would argue that to deny one’s past would be to dismiss the existence of the person one is today. In Carlos Fuentes’ Aura and Elena Garro’s “It’s the Fault of the Tlaxcaltecas”, both authors go deeper into exploring this idea that one’s past life can coexist with one’s present life. Using fantastic elements and mixing of the magical with the tangible, authors Fuentes and Garro bring their female characters, Consuelo and Laura, back into a time in which they touch base with their roots. It is there that they find for themselves true joy—joy that they bring into their present life. By reliving their pasts and choosing to make their own decisions, Senora Consuelo and Laura go against the norm of their male-dominated societies, and at the same time, remind those around them of where they have come from. History, in both the past and present, plays a defining role in both the lives of Senora Consuelo and Laura, as they vicariously relive their past through the present. By bringing about their past in magical and imaginative ways, both women redefine their role as strong, decisive women, and show how the understanding one’s history is essential in truly embracing one’s identity. In Carlos Fuenta’s Aura , past and present time is made homogenous when Senora Consuelo, conjures up for herself a double, Aura—an embodiment of herself from Mexico’s 19 th Century French Colonial period. In her efforts to recapture her young romance with her late husband General Llorente, and to remain “always beautiful, even after a hundred years”, Consuelo uses
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Woo 2 Filipe and her husband’s old documents to regain her connection with him (Fuentes 87). While reading General Llorente’s documents, Filipe brings to life the colonial times of war between the conservatives and liberals, French intervention of Napolean III, and their ultimate defeat in 1867
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TWS 22_Paper 1 - Woo 1 Kristie Woo Professor Sanchez TWS 22...

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