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Chapter 1 - The Logic of American PoliticsChapter 1Politics...

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Unformatted text preview: 8-18-2011The Logic of American PoliticsChapter 1Politics comes from the need to choose among alternatives. There are differences btwn us that make it impossible for everyone to get what he or she wants.Politics is how ppl attempt to manage/resolve conflict (rules, institutions)Politics: the processthru which individuals and groups reach agreement on a course of common or collective action – even as they continue to disagree on the goals that action is intended to achieve.With choices comes conflict. When you have more than one person making a decision.---conflicting interests (environment vs industry)---conflicting values (freedom & liberty vs security)---conflicting ideas about who’s values will be served && what to do with limited resources (gov. taxes .. how will it be used?)Recent conflict: healthcare (showed poll displaying percentage favorable & unfavorable response)Polls give a sense about the distribution of the conflicts**Back in history they Use politics to keep conflicts at bayPolitics does not always end in success because resources are too scarce to satisfy everyone and many ppl hold their values to be irreconcilable.SUCCESSFUL politics – bargaining(prolonged exchange of proposals and counterproposals) and compromise(settlement – each side concedes some of its preferences to secure others)Preferences– the givensthat must be reconciled in order to agree– knowing what you want (EX: economic situation, religious values, ethnicity)Labor and management arbitrations (someone comes in as a mediator and tries to create compromise)……Extra info:: James Madison, in justifying the new Constitution, said that the new gov must be devised to represent and reconcile society’s many, diverse preferences that are “sown into the nature of man.”THE IMPORTANCE OF INSTITUTIONAL DESIGN PG.7The more ppl involved, the more preferences, more complex, unstructured…What is required? Effective politicalinstitutions – set of rules for negotiations. They contribute a fundamental continuity and orderliness to collective action.CONSTITUTIONS AND GOVERNMENTS PG.9Nations are jus big org....
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Chapter 1 - The Logic of American PoliticsChapter 1Politics...

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