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HISP200, assignment #3

HISP200, assignment #3 - Matt Hines HISP200 Assignment#3...

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Matt Hines HISP200 Assignment #3 Section 0104 In the beginning of the passage, the town seems overly subordinate to the hierarchy of the town. While some citizens, including Mondragon, urge to fight the abuses of the government and Devine, most are content with being taken advantage of as they are too lazy to understand the complicated relationships and consequences unfolding. I do not know if this is coincidence or not, but I enjoy the irony in the name of the big business tyrant, Ladd Devine. “Devine” is seemingly the exact opposite of his actions which cripple the local citizens. Under the current power structure, town residents are set up to fail. From the onset of entrance into the workforce, one will soon find themselves indebted to Ladd Devine. Tobias Arguello was forced to sell his home to Devine in order to pay for his children’s education. Many characters introduced have similar back stories yet initially there is not much grassroots activism to stifle the abuses.
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