HISP200, Assignment #5

HISP200, Assignment #5 - Matt Hines HISP200 Assignment#5 In...

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Matt Hines HISP200 Assignment #5 In John Seabrook’s Nobrow: The culture of Marketing and the Marketing of Culture, it was very interesting to me to see the way he outlined the differences in the headquarters of MTV and the magazine The New Yorker . In The New Yorker, there was a distinction between high and low culture. The distinction between the two is rooted in quality, a similar set of values introduced to Seabrook by his father’s excursions in men’s fashion. However, MTV differed between mainstream culture and subculture where the difference between the two lies in authenticity. Seabrook refers to this MTV culture and nobrow culture, where subculture was the new high culture. When referring to this new nobrow idea, Seabrook states “For the artist, it was not enough to have a gift for giving the people what they wanted; to insure fame, the artist had to pretend not to care what the people wanted.” This is an interesting but all familiar concept to me. The perceived disregard of the consumer’s demands brings an authentic style to one’s art. A sort of integrity is present that one cannot find while listening to artists who are in the mainstream for too long. I find myself searching for authenticity in various representations of culture (especially music). Artistic integrity is one of the main lenses I use to judge music through. Seabrook is very disappointed in the rapid shift away from his “townhouse” concept which occurred in the 60s. He argues that there was a shift from the “tastemaker’s authority” in the design of a product to the tastemaker adjusting
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HISP200, Assignment #5 - Matt Hines HISP200 Assignment#5 In...

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