Ch2 - Chapter 2 Outline Societal Level Approaches to...

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Chapter 2 Outline Societal- Level Approaches to Understanding Women’s Lives 1) U.S. Women in Global Perspective a) Literacy and Education i) Most important indicator of women’s status ii) Highest rates of illiteracy tend to have relatively large gender differences, and those with lower rates of illiteracy tend to have relatively small gender differences b) Marriage and Reproduction i) 1990’s avg. age at first marriage was about 25 for women, and 26 for men ii) Marriage isn’t the best comparison trait because it varies in meaning globally iii) Reproductive and child-rearing vary cross-nationally iv) Maternal mortality is higher in poor countries c) Work and economic life i) Women do a majority of the household labor in U.S. and work for pay ii) Female labor in U.S. is about equal to male d) Women and the state i) U.S. has 14% of legislation female (middle of the road in comparison with other countries) ii) Policies affecting women (1) Antidiscrimination laws (2) Maternity leave (3) Sexual harassment “good women are never raped” e) Conclusions: i) Variation in experiences is varied ii) Condition of women depends not just on attitudes toward women but also the countries situation (poverty, government etc.) iii) Better of worse conditions are based on women’s situation iv) Comparison of context is important 2) Explaining Women’s Situation at the Societal Level: Six Theoretical Approaches a) Sex differentiation and stratification (Five Main Points) i) What assumptions does each theory make? ii) Evidence/ scope of falsification iii) Historical context iv) Explanations of gender relations, differences between societies v) Political implications b) The External Feminine: Traditional Theological Perspective i) Most common arguments: (1) Eve’s actions reveal women’s moral weakness (2) Women are dangerous temptresses (3) God ordained division of labor (4) Men should rule over women
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Ch2 - Chapter 2 Outline Societal Level Approaches to...

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