assign1 - 1 Intro Macro N. Sheflin ASSIGNMENT 1 DUE BEFORE...

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1 Intro Macro N. Sheflin ASSIGNMENT 1 DUE BEFORE OUR FIRST CLASS ON FRIDAY 9/2 THINGS TO DO BEFORE THE FIRST CLASS. 1. Get into the course site in sakai ( and carefully review the syllabus a. Login to sakai with your netid and password (the one you use for your eden email ex: if your email is then your netid is doe ) b. You will see a tab with the course number and name in sakai, click on it and then click on resources on the left and look for the syllabus. 2. Also in sakai, introduce yourself in the ‘ GETTING TO KNOW YOU’ chat room. Post questions, and answer them, in the PROBLEMS AND WHAT,WHEN,HOW or HW chat rooms ( DO NOT email unless very personal). 3. Do the PreSurvey in TESTS&QUIZZES in Sakai (note – ignore the grade – it is meaningless) 4. Do the PreTest in TESTS&QUIZZES in sakai – the score will not count 5. ‘Get’ the textbook and an iClicker. The textbook can be read online for FREE and/or print copies can be purchased or printed, for a fee, on your own. 6. Carefully read ASSIGNMENT 1 in Sakai (RESOURCES/ASSIGNMENTS) and do the textbook and supplemental reading and do the HOMEWORK in Sakai (under tab - multiple choice questions) as well as the problems (not to be handed in). 7. Post questions on the chat rooms 8. Come to class prepared to answer questions from the assignment/readings, and to ask questions. 9. If you require special accommodation for homework or exams (disability services), please EMAIL me (do not post on chat room) with a explanation of your needs – make sure to give your full name and the name of the course. NOTES The multiple choice hw questions are to be done AFTER you read the chapter in the textbook and the PRETEST and PRE SURVEY are available in Sakai under the TESTS AND QUIZZES tab. Please be careful doing them – there is no do-over. You must STUDY the material before trying the hw.
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assign1 - 1 Intro Macro N. Sheflin ASSIGNMENT 1 DUE BEFORE...

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