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Intro_to_Bus_Syllabus_spring 2011(2)

Intro_to_Bus_Syllabus_spring 2011(2) - SYLLABUS...

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SYLLABUS INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS Spring 2011 – 01/19/2011 to 05/11/2011  W 12:00-1:20PM LSH -AUD           F 1:40-3PM INTRO TO BUSINESS (33:11:100) INDEX: 50709 FINAL: Instructor: Professor Reaves Phone: 973-525-8818 E-mail address: [email protected] Required text: Boone, Contemporary Business 13e 2010 Update Binder Ready Version - 9780470503430 Other Required Items: 3 Ring Binder The Wall Street Journal Binder Front of binder o Your name, course, and instructor Entry o Top right your name, seat#, date, and course o Each assignment ½ page recent topics relevant to the current chapter o 1 submission per week to be completed by Thursday o Binder must be brought to every class it will be checked Wed and Fri o 12 + total submissions Course Description: A general survey of the business environment including coverage of elementary concepts of business, functional areas and management activities. Course Objectives: Provide a broad overview of the business environment using text book examples and real world events. Course Procedures: Classes will be primarily lecture oriented utilizing the text as the base source of instruction. Guest speakers, if available, may be introduced to enhance the student’s classroom experience.
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