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Major+Sociological+Concepts - Introductory Sociology Unit 2...

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Introductory Sociology Unit 2 F all 2011 Concept Guide Test Two: Nov. 4th Chapter 4 Building Order – Culture and History Culture: material and nonmaterial (94) (normative, value, symbolic, cognitive components) Global culture, subculture (98), counterculture, (corporate culture) Heteronormtive culture (100), “unspoken norms” p. 100 Social institutions, institutionalized norms, feeling rules (105) , emotional labor (105) Norms: mores, folkways, laws; sanctions – formal and informal Ethnocentrism, cultural relativism Sick role (109), sexual dichotomy ( 121), death rituals (111), transsexuals, intersexual (122) Ideal and real culture (similar to ideal and real norms) (Virtual culture), (cultural integration and cultural lag) (Popular culture and high culture) Chapter 5 Building Identity – Socialization identity, self (127, 158) Socialization (128), (instinct, reflex, biological drive), nature v. nurture or nature and nurture? (Social isolate, feral child) Eugenics, (Reverse Socialization) Sociobiology (Wilson) and its main principal Anticipatory socialization, reflexive behavior
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