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Introduction to Sociology Rutgers University Fall 2011 Course: Sociology 101 Sections 7-12 12:15-1:10 T/F Auditorium LSH **** Plus one additional section meeting per week (depending on your section number). Course Description: Introduction to the principles and concepts for the sociological analysis of human societies. Social relations, social structure, and institutions characteristic of societies past and present are examined, and causes and directions of social change are considered. The elements of "good” and “bad" science and scientific research are explored. Current events and films will be integrated into the course when relevant. Required Text: Sociology – Exploring the Architecture of Everyday Life. . 8 th Edition, 2010. Web Resource and Study Site: www.pineforge.com/newman8e Each week check https://sakai.rutgers.edu (a course management shell) You will also have assignments from www.thisamericanlife.org Instructors: Douglas J. McDowell, e-mail: [email protected]
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