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RSA_1115 - Joel P Steven P Josh S Chao T Elie Wiesel The...

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Rhetorical Situation Analysis Groups C121 11:15 Malcolm X, The Ballot or the Bullet Aaron D. Andrew F. Lily K. Travis S. Barbara Jordan, DNC Keynote Address Nathan D. Brandon G. Tasha H. Nate R. Mary Fisher, A Whisper of AIDS Carolyn D. Tina K. Jake R. Kim T. Hillary Clinton, Women’s Rights are Human Rights
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Unformatted text preview: Joel P. Steven P. Josh S. Chao T. Elie Wiesel, The Perils of Indifference Sam B. Taylor C. Justin L. Merel P. Joel Burns, It Gets Better Gina C. Stephen R. Mechel’le S. Scott S....
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