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C122 INFORMANT RELEASE FORM I (We) hereby agree to allow _______________________________________________________, to use the tape of my (our) (Ethnographer—please print name) conversation recorded on _________________________________, in a course project for C122, (Date) Interpersonal Communication. It is understood that the tape becomes the property of the Department of Communication and Culture C122 Archives. The tape may be used for C122 staff training purposes. The materials may also be used as examples in future C122 classes. The ethnographer and the informant retain the right to free access to the
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Unformatted text preview: tape through normal procedures of the Archives and its personnel. Scholars who seek to use archived materials in their studies, research, and publications must obtain a further release from the ethnographer and the informant(s) and permission from the Indiana University Human Subjects Review Board. In addition, scholars must agree to give proper credit to the ethnographer, informant(s), and the Archives. Signature of Informant Date Initial if you want your name disguised Signature of Ethnographer:_____________________________________________Date:__________________...
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