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C122 Course Policies Worksheet Spring 2011 Name: ________________________ C122 operates under a fairness policy. We make every attempt to enforce the same policies across the nearly 50 sections of C122 that are offered each year. The C122 staff appreciates your understanding of the unique requirements that a large, multi-section course involves. If at any point you feel that you have not been treated fairly in relation to the C122 course policies, please consult your instructor or the course director. This worksheet is intended to help you become familiar with the course policies. I. Read the C122 Spring 2011 Syllabus . It is also available on your Oncourse website (http://oncourse.iu.edu ). A. 1. How many absences are you allowed this semester? 2. If you use up all of your absences, how many points will you lose for each additional absence? 3. How many points do you lose if you use all your allowed absences and then have a medical emergency? 4.
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C122+Course+Policies+Worksheet - C122 Course Policies...

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