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C122 Interpersonal Communication The Ethnography Portfolio Project Ethnography Portfolio Project Due Points Percentage of total grade Proposal 50 5% (Pass/Redo/Fail) Fieldnotes I, including jottings, recording, release form & transcript 100 10% Fieldnotes II, including jottings, recording, release form & transcript 100 10% Final Ethnography 250 25% Total Portfolio 500 50% Overview In this semester-long project, you will record two instances of groups of real people in real communication. You will analyze each interaction separately, reporting your observations and conclusions in fieldnotes. At the end of the semester, you will write a formal ethnography that analyzes both of them together to comment on contemporary communication and culture. You will use sources from the textbook throughout the semester to aid your discussion. Good situations to record can range from your friends hanging out in the evening, a Bible study, or meetings of various clubs and organizations on campus. The preference in this course is to work on campus, but other situations may be acceptable if cleared by your instructor. All people in the situation must be told that they are being recorded for a class project, and all must sign a waiver that they agree to be recorded. Do not record children (even your own) or other vulnerable people. Although you do not have to know everybody you are recording, you should usually be familiar with the situation and understand what kind of behavior usually happens. Follow your instinct about what is interesting: Why is the group of friends you have from the dorm so funny? How does the head of your intramural soccer team get everybody to shut up and practice? How do your friends get ready for parties? Pick two different times to record this group of people, or choose a different group to record in the same setting. For example, how does a group of sorority women interact when they are in a house meeting or when they are going out to eat? Or, how does a sorority house conduct its meetings compared with a fraternity house? Think about how power and identity play out in these interactions. Think about what social business (ends) are involved in the conversations you are recording. What genres (e.g., story- telling, gossiping, joking, or razzing), power moves, changes in footing, and so on are being employed in the communication? The conversations you record should be naturally occurring (although it is fine to invite friends over with
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C122+ethnography+assignment - C122 Interpersonal...

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