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C122 Interpersonal Communication Group Project I: Chapter Experts 50 pts possible Instructions: Please read the chapter(s) you have been assigned, and be prepared to discuss the following questions in class. I recommend you meet with your group outside of class at least once in order to help each other understand the reading well. Each group member needs to turn in a hard copy of their responses by the start of your assigned presentation date. Points will be deducted from the grades of those individuals who fail to submit their answers on time.
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Unformatted text preview: You should regard the project not just as a presentation of information, but as an opportunity to facilitate conversation. You will be graded as a group, so make sure each group members participation is visible. Chapter(s): Names of Group Members: 1. What are the main ideas of the chapter(s)? 2. What are the key terms? 3. What are the most important examples the author gives? 4. Why do these ideas matter for understanding communication? 5. What is one example you can provide of this issue in communication?...
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C122+Group+Presentation+I - You should regard the project...

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