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C122+Group+Presentation+II - class You will have 15 minutes...

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C122 Interpersonal Communication Group Project II: Chapter Experts 100 pts possible Instructions: Rather than simply summarizing the article, you will be expected to facilitate a conversation. Expect your classmates to read the article, and design your presentation accordingly. That means you should not spend a lot of time regurgitating the definitions and main ideas. Remind everyone of the thesis and the key terms and then move on to your examples and activity. I recommend you meet with your group outside of class at least once in order to help each other understand the reading well and to prepare a worthwhile activity. Creativity will be rewarded. The questions below are designed to help you formulate your presentation. You will be expected to turn in written responses to them on the day of your presentation. The answers you formulate should be included in your presentation. However, your presentation should not be simply going through the questions and answers in front of the
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Unformatted text preview: class. You will have 15 minutes . Chapter(s): Names of Group Members: 1. What are the main ideas of the chapter(s)? 2. What are the key terms? 3. How are voices, identities, feelings, or ideologies upheld, strengthened, or made dominant in the situation the author describes? 4. Provide an example from your own experience that corresponds with an issue discussed in this chapter. Does your experience confirm, refute, or modify what the author describes? 5. How might the ideas discussed in this article be useful to your ethnographies? 6. Describe the media example you have chosen to include in your facilitation. How does it highlight the author’s contention(s)? 7. Describe the activity your group has designed to ensure that your classmates engage with the day’s readings. The structure of your presentation may look something like this: Time : 15 minutes • Thesis and key terms (1-3) : 2-3 minutes • Examples and activity (4-7) : 12-13 minutes...
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C122+Group+Presentation+II - class You will have 15 minutes...

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