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Individual Presentations: Performance of the Everyday One of the primary goals of C122 is to highlight the ways in which communication informs culture and the ways in which culture informs communication. In confronting that idea, a person is made to question many—if not all—of the aspects constituting their everyday lives. The application of critical thought, though, can help ensure that such an experience is made constructive. All of the ideas we discuss in this class have the potential to help you improve your critical thinking skills while at the same time complicating your everyday performances—e.g. deciding what to wear; eating particular food stuff; hanging out with your friends; sitting in class; going to see a game at Assembly Hall; watching television; getting ready to go out on a Friday night; interacting with your co- workers. Oftentimes it can be challenging to extract the supposed universal idea being addressed by the author from the specific cultural phenomenon in which they are witnessing that idea. The purpose of these individual presentations, then, is to
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