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Study guide FINAL exam HIM317.Prater

Study guide FINAL exam HIM317.Prater - Final Exam Study...

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Final Exam Study guide, HIM317 Maximum exam points = 190 What to study? 1) Review Quizzes. 2) Review readings, homework and other written assignments. 3) Content areas likely to be addressed: Unique characteristics of the U.S. healthcare system Definition of acute care Definition, characteristics of the personal health record Example of users of the health record, which are most critical to patient care Ownership of the health record Types of data, examples (clinical, financial, etc.) Physician credentialing process, why important to record management Licensure vs. accreditation of a healthcare organization Role of CAHIIM Principal functions of the health record Key documents in the acute care hospital record: names (H&P, discharge summary, etc.), examples of contents, why APGAR is important to neonatal records. Principal (or primary) diagnosis; definition, examples Defining the legal health record, paper vs. an EHR system
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