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1st part of paper - First Section Term Paper When you close...

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First Section Term Paper When you close your eyes and you hear the word Peasant what do you think of? Many people would envision people who are non-educated and living in abject poverty. How many of us would realistically wonder about the situations that not only make them the lower class but keep them in their low social standing. In Lords and Peasants in a Changing Society by Christopher Dyer we get an opportunity to read one of the first studies done that gives readers a major insight into West Midland England and the fashion in which they handled estates. Dyer attempts to paint a realistic picture of how life may have been for those living during that time period with the paint brush of hardcore evidence. This book shows the interaction between The Church of Worcester – who were the major and landlords of the time – and the Peasants. Since the foundation of Worcester in 680 C.E., the English church had increasingly gained land to expand their land ownership. Those lay persons who still owned land were in absolute fear of the church because they knew that the church would one day claim the land in which they owned. From the beginning of Worcester the relationship between landlords and tenants was one of complexity. Landlords from the beginning wanted to urbanize Worcester. In order for this urbanization to happen goods and services would have to be offered by those who occupied the town. The more these aristocratic landlords would ask for the more they would be given. This began the gaping between the growing peasant population and their landlords. The
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1st part of paper - First Section Term Paper When you close...

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