Knights - Pope vs Monarchs

Knights - Pope vs Monarchs - What evidence do you see that...

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What evidence do you see that this book was an attempt by Roman Catholic religious people – specifically the Cistercian monks – to influence the knights toward leading a more moral life and going on the Crusade? You should do some additional outside research on this, but mainly discuss the internal evidence in the book. Knights have had a very strong connection to the Roman Catholic Church. Knights were the defenders and protectors of the church. The church desired for these knights to live lives that represented the ideals in which the church held with importance. Not only did the Catholic Church have a significant influence on the act of knighting itself but also on how these same knights would in turn lead their lives while on the Crusade. The book The Quest of the Holy Grail is a great book that gives us major insight on how much influence the truly possessed. In the knighting of Melias we get a glimpse into the ritual of knighting someone and how much of it had its roots in the catholic faith. The author tells us that “when you were to be knighted you went to confession”. Confession is one of the most important acts in the catholic
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Knights - Pope vs Monarchs - What evidence do you see that...

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