Galahad - and wanders the wilderness for two years until he...

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Galahad - Lancelot and Elaine’s son. Galahad is morally perfect and invincible and the only knight holy enough to find the Holy Grail. He is so perfect, in fact, that he often seems more like an angel than a human. Galahad is disliked by all but a few of Arthur’s other knights. he is perhaps the knightly embodiment of Jesus in the Arthurian legends “Never shall man take me hence but only he by whose side I ought to hang; and he shall be the best knight of the world.” Galahad accomplishes this test with ease, and King Arthur swiftly proclaims him to be the greatest knight ever. By this time, Lancelot is one of the most famous knights of the Round Table and Elaine , daughter of the Fisher King , falls in love with him. She tricks him into believing that she is Queen Guinevere, and he sleeps with her, and the ensuing pregnancy results in the birth of Galahad . Word returns to Queen Guinevere and in a fit of rage, she banishes Lancelot after subjecting him to a long tirade criticizing him for his behavior. Broken by this rejection, Lancelot loses his wits
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Unformatted text preview: and wanders the wilderness for two years until he arrives at Corbin. Elaine recognizes him, and he is shown the Holy Grail through a veil that cures his madness. Shortly after he recovers, he returns to Camelot after being found by Sir Percival and Sir Ector at a repentant Queen Guenevere's request. Upon his return to court, Lancelot takes part in the Grail Quest with Perceval and Galahad , though as an adulterer and a man minded of earthly honors that have come with his knightly prowess, he is only allowed a glimpse of the Grail itself. It is instead his son, Galahad, who ultimately achieves the Grail, (along with Lancelot's nephew, Sir Bors , and Sir Perceval the son of King Pellinore ). In a decaying society, art, if it is truthful, must also reflect decay. And unless it wants to break faith with its social function. art must show the world as changeable and help to change it. ~ Ernst Fischer...
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