DANC 101 Exam 1 Review

DANC 101 Exam 1 Review - Exam 1 1 Vaslav Nijinsky is best...

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Exam 1 1. Vaslav Nijinsky is best known for his choreography for: a. L’Apres Midi du’n Faun 2. The composer ____ created the music for Sleeping Beauty, The Nutcracker and Swan Lake a. Peter Tchaikovsky 3. Which choreographer introduced the idea of the “Black and White” ballet? a. George Balanchine 4. In class we watched an excerpt from Sleeping Beauty. The excerpt displayed a. A classic grand paus de deux 5. The dance, Bharata Nat Yam, is which of the following? a. A dance from the Ancient Period b. A temple Dance c. Originated in India 6. Pas de Quatre is a famous ballet, from what period? a. Romantic 7. Piere Beauchamps is know for a. Developing the French terminology for ballet, rules of technique, 5 positions of the feet, and the use of turnout leg 8. The ballet, _______, was created for Marie Taglioni by her father Filippo Tagliom a. La Selphile 9. Historically what was the name of the first ballet performed? a. Ballet Comique de la Reine 10. Who is known as the “Mother of Dance”? a. Catherine de Medici 11. L’Academie Royale de la Dance _____ a. Represented the first attempt to professionalize ballet 12. Who choreographed the ballet Agon? a. Balanchine 13. The Afternoon of a Faun shocked its audience because of its costumes and choreography including a. The two dimensional movements and sexual explicit content 14. Dance was considered pagan and frowned upon during which time period?
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DANC 101 Exam 1 Review - Exam 1 1 Vaslav Nijinsky is best...

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