f98-e3-sol-8-9 - y = f(x.Graph y = f(x fl(f=J-= I-f = ~.pI...

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-! 2 8. Use Trapezoidal rule with n = 4 to approximate J ~dX .(You may leave your 1 answer as a sum of fractions; it is not necessary to express it as a decimal. -j--.':-I-t-t" I ~ ,,7 2 v -- (( tc- 9. Let f(x) = x -Inx .Where is f(x) . .increasing, decreasing, concave up, and concave down. Find the local maxima, local minima, and points of inflection of
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Unformatted text preview: y = f(x) .Graph y = f(x) . fl(f=J-= I---f = ~ .pI( ( ) I }<-t"" ~~~----~~~ , i '7 " 14!(1 t!'&v ~t'< ;f! i.) I r i.s ( 1; I) I ()C er.fJ M (;!1\ q ("z9~ ~ C, '1' h cdev C,~. PUb(~t( o(~ """ t-/...
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