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Business Law 1/26/11 1. Trial Courts- questions of fact 2. Appellate Court- questions of fact 1. State Courts a. General Jurisdiction 2. Federal Courts a. Limited Jurisdiction b. Federal Question c. Diversity- 75,000$ must exceed that amount in order to present a diversity jurisdiction case in federal court d. Can hear federal question jurisdiction and diversity jurisdiction 3. Jurisdiction= Power 4. Around 95 U.S. district courts 5. The president and senate appoint US district court judges… Lifelong appointment 6. Federal Circuit Court of Appeals a. Right of Appeal
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Unformatted text preview: a.i. File appeal in 30 days, and they must hear your case due to your right. b. Twelve of them 7. Supreme Court a. Heard around 80 cases in 2010. Don’t hear very many a.i. Certiorari a.ii. If 4 of the 9 agree to hear the case you hear the rit of certiorari 8. Trial of a case a. Pleadings a.i. Complaint a.ii. Motion to dismiss/demurrer a.iii. Answer a.iv. Motions e.g. summary judgment b. Plaintiff is the one filing the lawsuit. Defendant is the one you are suing. Plaintiff is pi, defendant is delta...
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