FINAL ENGLISH PAPER - Cameron Vollmuth Paper #4 Final Paper...

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Paper #4 Final Paper Prof Kern This paper is intended for any male or female who loves sports and has happened to miss something important like work or school, has stayed up late, has stayed home or just done something radical in order to watch their team play a game. They may have also been at their favorite stadium, cheering as loud as they can, maybe even disrupting the game in a bad way. Some fans definitely need to improve their behavior during the games and some action may need to be taken to accomplish this, and make the game more enjoyable for everyone. This paper could be sent to owners, general managers or high- end officers in the sports industry, to maybe show them how fans affect the sports industry well, but their behavior at games is unacceptable, and steps to change this behavior. Crazed Sports Fans… Good or Bad? There are some sports fans out there that would do absolutely anything for their team. These are the fans that many may consider “crazed or rabid”. Some people think these fans may have a negative impact on the game with their recklessness. They will tailgate out in the parking lot for up to eight hours before the game, get extremely drunk, do many inappropriate things and make the loudest noise in the stadium. But others consider these fans to have a positive impact on sports because not only will they buy lots of tickets, but they will also buy team related products and support their team to no end. While everyone has different views, there are people who know that crazed fans can be both good and bad for sports and the industry. While they may provide great money for the industry and extreme support for their team, they may also do extremely dangerous things, which have occasionally ended in even death. Fans may be great for the sports industry and individual games, but they should definitely improve their behavior. I have had many experiences with extreme fans; many of my friends even
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FINAL ENGLISH PAPER - Cameron Vollmuth Paper #4 Final Paper...

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