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hist midterm review - Cameron Vollmuth Ids for Midterm...

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Cameron Vollmuth Ids for Midterm Populist Platform The Populist Party began with the Texas Farmers Alliance. The Populist Party was founded in 1892, and elected James B Weaver as the presidential candidate. One populist advantage was the man y women in the party. The populists called for nationalization of the railroads and communications; protection of the land from monopoly and foreign ownership; a graduated income tax and the free and unlimited coinage of silver. In 1896 they elected William Jennings Bryan as their presidential candidate and through his “Cross of Gold” speech and said, “you shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of gold”. Samuel Gompers Samuel Gompers was a cigar maker whose family had emigrated to New York in 1863. Gompers became the president of the American Federation of Labor in 1886, when it was formed. The important thing about the AFL and what attracted workers to it, was that it was a labor union for skilled workers only. It provided a different look than the Knight of Labor because they were representing skilled and unskilled. It allowed the skilled workers to come together and make changes to the workplace. Plessy v Ferguson Homer Plessy was a French speaking man who was born in New Orleans and was 1/8 African American. They set it up so that Plessy would violate the Louisiana Separate Car Act and he was arrested on June 7
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hist midterm review - Cameron Vollmuth Ids for Midterm...

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