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Unformatted text preview: Distance-Time Graphs 1. Describe The mo’rion shown in each dis‘rance—‘rime graph. 0) a C B A slow s’ready (cons’rcm’r) speed B normal s‘ready (cons’ran‘r) speed C fasTer sTeady (cons’rcm‘r) speed D no mo’rion (s‘ropped) D E no’r possible (Time doesn'T s’rop) 2 4 a s 10‘ F Increases in speed Towards des’rinafion Speed 6 Decrease in speed approaching des’rina’rion H depar’rs from home quickly aT an increasing ra’re of speed I Then slows down A 1’0 B s’rar'Ted of 6 uni’rs from des’rina’rion, Towards des’rina’rion at a cons’ran’r speed for' 3 seconds B To C s’ropped for 2 seconds C 1'0 D Turned away from 2 4 fi 3 fl desTinaTion and proceeded ’ (a? and proceeded a’r The same e) speed for 2 seconds 10* d A to B smfied GT 1 Uh” from des’rina’rion at a cons’ran’r speed for 2 seconds l.5“~/s B To C s’ropped for 1 second C1'oD pr'oceeds To move away from des’rina’rion at a slower- speed for' 4 seconds g [n16 2. Draw a distance-Time graph for each scenario described below. a) A sTudenT leaves school aT lunch, walking a1” a decreasing speed. He slows down, Then sTops To Talk To friends. He Turns around and walks back To school m” an increasing speed. cl b) A sfudenT leaves home, walking a1” a cons’ran’r speed. She slows down, and Then s’rops for a few seconds To look in a s’rore window. She Turns around and walks back home a’r a decreasing speed. C) Ske’rch a disTance—Time graph for' a cyclis’r ThaT slowly Speeds up offer s’ropping of a sTop sign. 3. The graph below shows The poTh of a rock being Thrown from The Top of a hill where Time is in seconds and heighT in meTers. Answer The quesTions which follow: Heish’t (In) a) WhaT does The y—inTercepT represenT? b) AT whoT Time did iT reach maximum heighT? C) AT whoT heighT did iT reach maximum heighT? 1 2 a 4 Tim {s} d) How long before The objecT hiTs The ground? 3. Describe the trip to New Brunswick. Distance {100' km} A 2 4 a a 10 Time {I'M} if h 5 Which leg of the trip was travelled at the highest speed? ,5 C7 hut) E Homework: pg. 91—93 C1, CZ, # 1, 3, 4, 5a-d, 7 ...
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