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U2_Overview_Equations - unit rate $28.00 for 35L of gas...

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3x – 6 + 6 = 6 + 6 3x = 12 = x = 4 M A T H O Solve the equation: -3b + 18 = 33 Solve the equation: 6(2a + 10) = 12(3a + 9) Isolate r: A = 2πr 1 more than 4 times a number is 77. What is the number? Write the ratio in simples form: 32:108
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Solve the equation: Solve the equation: 14p – (10p + 2)= 3(5 + p) Isolate h: A = 2πr 2 + 2πrh The total number of songs on the Taylor Swift cd is 2 less than triple the number of good songs. If there are 13 songs on the cd, how many are good? Determine the value of the missing variables. 9:18:w = 99:x:121 Solve the equation: 11y – 4 + 5y = 60 Solve the equation: FREE Mrs. McColeman’s class has 6 more students than Mrs. Loppe’s class. If their classes contain a total of 56 students, how many students are in each class? Write the following as a
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Unformatted text preview: unit rate: $28.00 for 35L of gas Solve the equation: 6a + 1 = 9a -26 Solve the equation: Isolate h: V= πr 2 h 3 Mr. McDougall’s class had 6 times more pennies than Mrs. Laurie’s class in the penny drive. If the two classes had a total of 1841 pennies, how many pennies did each class have? Write each as a percent: a) 0.58 b) c) 15 Solve the equation: 2(5y – 1) = -62 Solve the equation: Isolate t: d = 6 Over a hockey season, Dylan scored 6 less than twice as many goals as Alex, and Will scored 3 more goals than Dylan. If the three guys scored a total of 96 goals, how many goals did each guy score? If a shirt with an original price of $34.99 is 25% off, what is its sale price?...
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U2_Overview_Equations - unit rate $28.00 for 35L of gas...

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