Lecture 9 - Lecture 9: The Challenges for Clinical...

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Lecture 9: The Challenges for Clinical Application of hESCs and iPSC derivatives - Expansion of hESCs or iPSCs o Add carbon dioxide –control pH Most cells prefer lower pH o Need to continuously supply nutrition o Need to remove toxicity produced by other celsl o Ex. Spinal cord and eye treatment by hESCs in U.S - Appropriate differentiation o hESCs and iPSCs can generate all three germ layers o But, if you want neural tissues (need differentiation) Max.=90-95% of purity Still there’s a small number of undifferentiated pluripotent or ESCs - Functional Integragation o Ex. Integrated stem cells should follow heart pace o Ex. Spinal cord treatment Try to get cells to integrate into damaged tissue Cells must send messages to muscle tissue Neuron must integrate with electrical impulses during muscle movement - Risk of Teratoma or Tumor Formation o Use surface markers, stain cells, and remove them o Teratoma: normal tissue with mix of cells which doesn’t have normal function. Not necessarily cancer. - Immune rejection o Exists for any type of transplanted organ/tissue o Fibroblast reprogrammed to ESC o Fibroblast reprogrammed to adult stem cells Cell Replacement Therapy - Drugs, growth factors, gene transfer - Stem cell derived hESCs and iPSCs replacement therapy o Ex. Endothelial cells along blood vessels make blood vessels very smooth and prevents formation of clots which block blood flow and form heart attack and stroke. - Organ transplantation - Ex. Liver cirrhosis- liver cells still exist and still can function. Trouble: some fibroblast cells form collagen and destroy liver original anatomy arrangement; block blood flow. Dangerous symptoms ensue. Stem cell transplantation won’t work and organ
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Lecture 9 - Lecture 9: The Challenges for Clinical...

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