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009 Quiz 1 - Chapters 1 & 2 - problem Her preoccupation...

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Quiz 1 – 009 Name Circle the BEST answer for the following questions: 1. John did not do very well during the spring semester at school. When his parents saw his grades, John’s mother said, “You’re going to need to take some classes this summer.” The content meaning of this statement is: a. John’s mom is upset that he didn’t do well in the spring semester. b. John’s mom thinks that taking summer classes might make up for his poor performance. c. John’s mom thinks he needs to take courses during the summer. d. Even though John is an adult, his parents still have some control over his life and can make demands. e. All of the above represent the content meaning of the statement. 2. Erin tries to concentrate during a class lecture, but she can’t get her mind off a personal
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Unformatted text preview: problem. Her preoccupation with the personal problem is an example of: a. Noise b. Feedback c. Transaction d. Distraction e. Field of experience 3. What is another name for intrapersonal communication? a. I-talk b. Thought c. Reflection d. Self-talk e. None of the above 4. Cognitive schemata include all of the following EXCEPT: a. Selection b. Stereotypes c. Scripts d. Constructs e. Prototypes 5. Jill is nervous about her biology test and says to her roommate, This is stupid! Im stupid! Im going to fail. When Jill gets her test back a week later, she learns she did fail the test. Jill engaged in: a. Mindreading b. Foretelling c. Self-fulfilling prophecy d. Using attribution e. Self-serving bias...
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