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009 Quiz 2 - Chapter 3

009 Quiz 2 - Chapter 3 - d Determine if our views are...

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Quiz 2 – 009 Name Chapter 3 Circle the BEST answer for the following questions: 1. Tammy says to her daughter, “You are a very smart girl.” Tammy’s statement is an example of: a. Indirect definition b. Direct definition c. Identity script d. Self-fulfilling prophecy e. None of the above 2. Ed is very attentive and supportive to his son, Michael, when he is sober. However, when Ed is drunk he often ignores his son and sometimes verbally abuses him. Michael never knows which way his father will act. If Ed is Michael’s primary caregiver, Michael is likely to develop which attachment style? a. Fearful b. Secure c. Anxious/ambivalent d. Dismissive e. Defensive 3. We use social comparison to: a. Determine if we are consistent with our ego boundaries b. Determine if we are similar or different from our peers c. Determine if we can fulfill interpersonal prophesies
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Unformatted text preview: d. Determine if our views are consistent with society e. Determine our I-It relationship 4. Meghan always thought she had a healthy weight throughout her life, but then she learned one of her “friends” said she was overweight. After she heard the comment, she decided she was too fat and immediately went on a crash diet. Which of the following concepts describes this scenario? a. Social comparison b. Reflected appraisal c. Stereotyping d. Self-concept e. Self-fulfilling prophecy 5. What perspective is the one we think society, as a whole, holds? a. The perspective of particular others b. The perspective of peers c. The perspective of family d. The perspective of the generalized other e. All of these...
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