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Activity Report 4 Assignment - him why I was in his bed and...

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Shuwun Ma-1 Activity Report 4: Being weird For my nonverbal violation, I chose to lie in my roommate’s bed and steal food off his plate. When he entered his room, he stopped at the door when he realized someone was lying in his bed. He then asked me what I was doing in a joking manner. I responded that I was just lying down because I was tired. He was puzzled by my response and asked why I did not sleep in my own bed and I told him his bed sounded better. I got up and left after that and he was really confused. I did not feel too awkward about breaking this social norm since it was my roommate. He was clearly stunned to see my in his bed when he entered the room. Later on, I stole food off his plate and he was equally as shocked since I did not ask. After his nonverbal response, I told
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Unformatted text preview: him why I was in his bed and stole food from him. He found it to be funny and understood why I was acting so different. My two acts broke the constitutive rules that would typically be enforced. I acted in a way that did not show respect towards his property and his personal space. Since this was a particular instance where I broke the norm, he indexed me as being weird, euphemism for being rude, which was different than his static evaluation of me. Nonverbal communication provides unspoken rules and an understanding among people for what is acceptable in certain circumstances. It was evident that he was confused when I broke these nonverbal rules and entered a gray area of our communication....
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