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Activity Report 4 - However this assignment is meant to be...

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John Smith 1 Nonverbal Violations Due: Friday, September 23 During the next week, you need to break one nonverbal expectation when interacting with others. Some suggestions include: Hold the hand of a member of the same sex while walking on campus. Stand REALLY close to someone in an elevator or in line at the store, etc. Make direct and sustained eye contact wit someone in an elevator. Stare at the driver next to you when stopped at a red light. Sit in someone else’s seat in class. Take food off a friend’s plate without asking. Lounge on your roommate’s bed. Speak LOUDLY in conversation. Walk on the incorrect side of the sidewalk or hallway with a group of friends. Walk right next to a stranger and keep pace with them across campus. You can add to this list or invent your own violations.
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Unformatted text preview: However, this assignment is meant to be fun, please do not be disrespectful or rude to others. You may, if appropriate, inform them that this is a class exercise AFTER you’ve observed their reactions to the violations. Once you have performed the violations and observed the responses, write a brief essay about your experiences that answer the following questions: 1) How did others react to your violations? 2) How did you feel in the process of violating the norms? 3) How does what you observed fit with the textbook’s discussion of nonverbal communication (think about purposes for nonverbal, types of nonverbal, etc.)? 4) How do the responses reflect our cultural expectations? * Same general requirements as previous Activity Reports....
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