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Shuwun Ma - 1 Activity Report – Cultural Diversity I recently joined a new fraternity on campus in Delta Sigma Phi. One of our mottos is to be atypical and to be a better man. The term ‘a better man’ can be interpreted in many ways but the way my social community defines it as being a man who seeks to change the norm of culture, harmony, and friendship. We strive to challenge the status quo because we understand that the system in which ‘typical’ is the dominant culture is destroying this world. Our norm is to act when others are unwilling, to seek change for the better, and to live to overcome what society accepts. We understand there will be resistance to the way we act and the goals we seek. Our challenge to improve the lives of those who surround us and to those communities on which we
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Unformatted text preview: interact is different from the customs most undergraduate men are accustomed to. For example, most undergraduates seek to pass school or party and disregard learning or refining skills such as being a leader, a father, a friend, or a man. We challenge one another to not only seek academic success while living a passionate life but we also encourage our men to become involved and lead. We believe through our actions, others will one day stop assimilating into the current dominant culture and build our social community into a future dominant culture. Our beliefs are simple, being typical is unacceptable and we deserve better....
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