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Microbrewing 1 The Microbrewing World Name: John Smith Specific Purpose: To inform my audience of the history and direction of the microbrewing industry. Organizational Pattern: Chronological Intended Audience: A Communication 101 Class. I. Introduction A. Attention-Getting Device: Imagine that you are sitting in your favorite chair this weekend, watching a Bronco Football game. You have pizza, potato chips, remote control, but you are missing something . . . a cold beer. The market for beer in this country has grown into a $2-billion-a-year industry (Johnson, 2006). The increasing population of beer drinkers has brought about a resurgence in the practice of microbrewing. B. Thesis statement: While the history of microbrewing in the United States has been less than ideal, its recent exponential growth has enabled local microbreweries to thrive. C. Credibility: In my hometown of Boise, I had the opportunity to brew a batch of my very own beer in the Sockeye Brewery. It was an enriching experience. D. Preview (each main point) : First, I would like to give a brief history of beer brewing, followed by a look at the explosion of the microbrewing industry, and finally, how you can participate.
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Example-APA Formal Outline - Microbrewing 1 The...

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