Poli 100 Intro to US Government 4

Poli 100 Intro to US Government 4 - Federalism Apuzzle

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Federalism A puzzle The constitution establishes a fixed systems of shared power between states and  the federal government Why has federal power grown at state expense? What is federalism? Federalism System of shared powers between two or more levels of government Lower level of government enjoys constitutional protection from national  government national government can compel action Ex. United States under constitution of 1789 US (After 1789), Germany, Australia, etc. Confederation System of shared powers between to or more levels of gov’t Lower level gov’t retains sovereignty National gov’t cannot compel action Ex. United States under AOC European Union, United Arab Emirates Why Federalism? Federalism can help solve collective action problems Prevent states/units from going to war with each other
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Protect states/units from outside aggression Set national standards for labor and environmental laws Contesting Federalism Slavery was main issue leading to civil war Major element of southern economies Slavery less prevalent in northern states Southern states wanted to withdraw 10 th  amendment: right to take actions not expressly forbidden nullification Dynamics of Federalism Dual federalism Separation spheres of power Cooperative Federalism Shared spheres of power Intergovernmentalism Shared spheres in particular policy Full faith and credit clause – things that take place in one state, is honored by  another state Responsibility of Gov’ts National national defense currency
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Poli 100 Intro to US Government 4 - Federalism Apuzzle

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