Hist 130 20th Century Africa 4

Hist 130 20th Century Africa 4 - Competing Ideas Sees...

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Book – Exterminate the Brutes His journey through Africa and the people that proceeded him Colonization of Africa Europe Modern Day Influences  Talks about seeing tourists Traveling through North Africa – Islamic people The cities are in the transition zone –from the past to more modern Very desolate area 1800s  - talking about the Europeans and their affects on Africa disease, destruction Destruction Human destruction – disease Social destruction Violence Racism Social Darwinism – stronger survives, and the weak parish – strong (Europe) They took a narrow area of superiority (military) and applied it universally  (morally, biologically) Points that Europeans were trying to get across Taking advantage of everyone that they found Take resources back home and use it for their advantage Europeans expected the entire continent to depopulate 
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Unformatted text preview: Competing Ideas Sees himself as a successor of Comrade Africa formed as a later problem for Europe Colonial dialectic – between the settlers and the indigenous people Psychological outcome for the Europeans Stereotypes Crazy whit person, defeated black person September 22, 2011 1497 – Vasco de Gama reaches South Africa 1652 – Cape Town founded 1804 – Jihad in West Africa 1806 – British take Cape Town 1830 – French invade Algiers 1830s-40s – Great Trek (South Africa) 1853 – Cape Constitution 1867 – Diamonds in South Africa 1870s – soccer in Zanzibar 1880s – European military fashion 1885 – Berlin Conference 1899-1902 – South African War 1910 – South African Union 1912 - Founding of ANC...
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Hist 130 20th Century Africa 4 - Competing Ideas Sees...

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