HW_Ton7 - \.--l:.1.A8.,ecououtce totFpoBueu 6eT FvT t,e-...

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Unformatted text preview: \.--l:.1.A8.,ecououtce totFpoBueu 6eT FvT t,e- Gteql Pg ressr'on 4-n,dYt=q -b, (pr-r),-{r-= d--5-(r'' trri--\:fl r F)Yy =,,r -6 tn-frrt,-, *lY v 16 --rr 1 r p )Y. * Up,l.Yr = a -G m (n,c-, ',.6- -T 1-T pY. = q *5m Cls-, rd- fr.)-f,pr rf,6 v-TIt= TIs-1 tItr rf,f rviod \$,i = 1{gLpog ta-J,, -r(qq1)r '(r)(o.s)60.s;tl.g Pr.rI lren;un= -o.o J=l-- o.o ]:o-sCW $h;t-e Ton12, z.ro,roti totill = O.o ]T -o.S? -_"-oI'5 =oJn Per;odl / i(rt(\6)r = -11i39rqPeriod)Tr.o 0.oa- (.o.s) (-o.OE) ho = -o-ol-q,a' 1..{---. :.9.S7>o --o.o,3- Cr) (o.s(-O.Ol -o'03k01-(u-l -(r)(o-s)(o_e)1l-z= -o.ot r(0.9) f-o.o:r,J to'o,ol Ls5Oef \utr'on c4n doUabiltte tl.g aagr\0F/ 4nd t ar$ d ,lO ( la tt1tt e(y syira IWhe n f hf intfrfll- rctg .ft $p!qt,'ve , uh;ch f artie,{ re(tl t^-?Wf l'galP. Thf . inf tqt'Oh lh(E . t rttS vtJt t^rrc aql ari,r( t a^a t A tv( n{nr(0d lront i6t{orflt- rat| fio( p ho avo-i& t, /6F-lattd^tty {pr? a l,p,OliCy *nc&etS thdr ]ltnp- fiior( lnanfy qr buy (t'nqnt{els P(ur r't/ef tt'l*p to^t- lpr m Fon4in d | 6oni C.\,-,/ JA.e,.t\sa\=-,D.c.D.L\.J6YsTeMATtc Ptsk ,veVep&GQt EN0 THe G?e*f pres.sr'oH.rAcs pl-rL,abr'lr'tl-pJI t,ouo Dgpo s r lscksH4 t,touL0AN ao OAlehC f gOUTotAL A(8ls...
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This note was uploaded on 10/09/2011 for the course ECON 101 taught by Professor Miyanishi during the Spring '08 term at UC Davis.

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HW_Ton7 - \.--l:.1.A8.,ecououtce totFpoBueu 6eT FvT t,e-...

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