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Christine Ton Chinese 002 Professor Wang March 6 2011 Chinese 2 Extra Credit: Left and Right There are the Left and Right boys. They eat together, sleep together, and do everything together and are as close as one person. Xiang Zhong Ming is the father and doesn’t know if being their father is a good thing or a bad thing. He remembers that year, he was in the hospital, the doctor said his wife had two babies. But ever since that day at the hospital, Xiang has not been happy at all because he realized the babies were connected. The doctor told Xiang that the surgery was going to be very expensive. They decided to not get the surgery because of the little money that they make every month. Left and Right were still connected at the age of five. Their story was posted by many people in Beijing and people wanted to help them and gave them toys, clothes, and sent them money. They also got scholarships. Left and Right loved different things. Left loves music and singing. Right loves reading and knows a lot of vocabulary. They are two very different people.
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