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Christine Ton Chinese 002 Professor Wang March 6, 2011 Chinese 2 Extra Credit: Whom Do You Like More Fang Xin and Xie Hong are a couple that was married and lived in China. Xie Hong went to America to study abroad while Fang Xin stayed back in China. Xie Hong wanted Fang Xin to eventually come to America, so she always tried to convince him to study English. Fang Xin planned to go to America some time because he really was sad that Xie Hong had to leave and he wanted to be with her. When they separated, Fang Xin and Xie Hong talked on the hone but they realized that it was too expensive. This is when they started to write letters to each other. Fang Xin did not reply as much back because he was very interested in his computer programming to worry about anything else. He didn’t even bother to learn English. He became obsessed with this program he wanted to build but had a difficult time because he did not have his own computer; this is where he meets Xiaoyue. Fang Xin meets up with Xiaoyue who is a girl that works in the same place as him. He began
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