Extracredit3 - Christine Ton Chinese 002 Professor Want March 7 2011 Chinese 2 Extra Credit Wrong Wrong Wrong Li Liang and Wang Ming are two

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Christine Ton Chinese 002 Professor Want March 7, 2011 Chinese 2 Extra Credit: Wrong, Wrong, Wrong! Li Liang and Wang Ming are two detectives working on a murder case of a girl named Lin Shuang Shuang. They go to Lin Dui Dui’s apartment to see if she is willing to talk about the incident. She tells the detectives about the letter that was delivered to her younger sister and how she found her sister dead. They found poison in the apartment and think that the death is actually from suicide. The detectives then talk to an old woman who is actually a housekeeper for the girls house for many years now. She tells them that before that day she heard the two girls arguing over a boy name Chun Fei. Chun Fei is Lin Dui Dui’s boyfriend and he has also dated Lin Shuang Shuang. The relationship between them is very strange. The old lady also talks about their family and how they are very rich and how the parents have died in a plane crash. The plane crash made the sisters closer, but Chun Fei separated them. The detective met with Wang Mei Mei but she gave them a mixed idea about who the girls really
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