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Christine Ton Chinese 002 Professor Wang March 7 2011 Chinese 002 Extra Credit: I Really Want To Find Her This story is about how there are three friends that travel to China to find a girl. They use a picture that was from their Professor Jiaoshou after the professor died. They have no idea who the girl was and why they needed to find her, but the professor had left them with the picture. They all think this girl is very beautiful and began their search for her. Daiwei talks about how he is confused about how the girl may not like any of them. He does not understand why they are going out to look for this girl. Jiefu on the other hand really wants to go on this trip and is the most motivated to find the girl to get to talk to her first and win her over. It has turned into a race. When they finally come to Beijing, they realize that they are realized to be tourists and that it is obvious they are not from China. They then pick up a name to make it more fitting for their stay in China and the name is Mr. Li. They meet a character name Ms. Ma who shows them exactly
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