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skit_1 requirements

skit_1 requirements - Skit#1 You just moved into a new...

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Unformatted text preview: Skit #1 You just moved into a new apartment. You and your new housemate decorate the common area with pictures of family and friends…… Please get to know each other, and talk about your family. (2 in a group; total length: 3min) Possible Words and Grammar Patterns you might use: •姓 •姓 •姓 •姓 • (姓)姓 •也 •姓 • Statement+姓 • Question Word:姓 姓姓 姓姓 姓 • Measure Word:姓/ 姓/ 也 • 姓姓姓姓姓姓姓/ 姓姓姓姓姓姓姓 • 姓姓 • 也也也也也也也也 • A 姓姓 B ? • verb A, B, 也 verb C • A-not-A? • 也 Adj. • 也 Adj.也也 Reminder 姓 It is “real” chatting! So, be natural and casual, also don’t forget politeness. Try your best to engage the conversation. Always respond and give comments. Use what you learned in class as much as possible: the more you use, the higher score you get! Be Creative and Have Fun!! ...
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