WB1-1 - FJ;i T;6^ H.^l -Thuo l.jg*1a"...

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FJ;i T;6^ H.^l -Thuo l.jg*1a" Lessonl.Gre-etings 15 '&F,*, tof rf z'oto Dialogue l: Exchanging ffi l. Listening Comprehension {rrurrnpnelvr) A.TExtbook Dialogue (Muttipte choice) ( ) t. What did the man say first to the woman? What's your name? I'm Mr. Wang. Are you Miss Li? How do you do! What is the woman's full name? Wang Peng Li You Xing Li Jiao Li You ) 3. What is the man's full name? @1 wano Peno b. Li You c. Xing Wang d. Jiao Wang Peng a. b. c. 6 ( )2. a. r,-b) c. d. /---)\ , { ( ),fr Tfese two people are - >( L-u,-Jvins sood-bve to each other / Q} asking each other's name @) greeting each other d. asking each other's nationality B.Workbook Dialogue I (Muttipte choice) {o* 5n
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16 lntegratedChinese. Level 1 Part 1 .Workbook C.Workbook Dialogue ll (vtuttiple choice) ( ) 1. The two speakers are most likely a. brother and sister b. father and daughter c. two old friends being reunited @) rtr"noers getting acquainted ) 2. Who are these two people? They are a. Mr. Li and Miss You b. Mr. Li and Miss Li
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WB1-1 - FJ;i T;6^ H.^l -Thuo l.jg*1a"...

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