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16 lntegratedChinese. Level 1 Part 1 .Workbook C.Workbook Dialogue ll (vtuttiple choice) ( ) 1. The two speakers are most likely a. brother and sister b. father and daughter c. two old friends being reunited @) rtr"noers getting acquainted ) 2. Who are these two people? They are a. Mr. Li and Miss You b. Mr. Li and Miss Li c. Mr. Wang and Miss You /i.'. Mr. Wano and Miss Li \) ll. Speaking Exercises A. Answer the questions in Chinese based on the Textbook Dialogue. (trurrRpnrrtvE AND PRESENTA- iloNAL) 1. How does Mr. Wang greet Miss Li? NJi kdo! 2. What is Miss Li's reply? r,Ji Xdo] 3. How does Mr. Wang ask what Miss Li's surname is? 4. What is Mr. Wang's given namet w6g f{^ j. 5. How does Mr. Wang ask what Miss Li's given name 6. What is Miss Li's given name? Li Yd*. B. You and your partner will participate in a simulated conversation.You will play two people who are meeting for the first time.Try to complete the following tasks in Chinese. (trurrnernsorunl) Exchange greetings with each other; Ask each other's last name and first name. lll. Reading Comprehension (rrurenrnrrvr) Read the passages below and answer the questions. (True/False) A.4f$*t , hL " i.fr Fl{ft fttttZ (f) 1. The question is addressed to a man. (f ) 2. The speaker is talking to his/her friend. Q i^g ,,rg\*. 'ri y*i *)^9 ? is? LY xiXojidr "t j''i' t*i;i, 1. 2.
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. Greetings 17 (?) f. The sentence occurs at the end of a conversation. (-r ) 4. We do not know the addressee's family name. B. ,l.iE , 4f$4t " *.{{+, o,l +XA " 4/S,foZ (() t. The speaker is talking to a man. (f ) 2. We don't know whether the speaker is a man or a woman. ({) 3i We know the speaker's full name. (f ) 4. The speaker knows the addressee's full name. lV. Writing and Grammar Exercises (nnesrxrmorvnr) A. Rearrange the following words into a complete sentence. Use the English in parentheses as a clue. ltzl<1 1. r{ / A+ / 4R / rfrlq / 4+A 0"- i dxlr'( -y'ou ktt uJ^A+ ^*"0) B. Rewrite and answer the following questions in characters. 1. Ni gui xing? 1?-*nt7 \^/d xinc{ tl;d. Nijiio sh6nme mingzi? 4,7'nLl ftL C. Translate the following exchange A: May I ask what your surname is? B: My surname is Li. My name is Li you. 2. W;' ;i)o r,J;d T;d^ Ft.^I , D. Write your Chinese name, if you have one, in characters.
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WB1-2 - 16 lntegratedChinese. Level 1 Part 1 .Workbook...

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